Number of sites running Windows Server 2003 overtakes NT

The number of hostnames found by the Web Server Survey running Windows Server 2003 overtook NT4 this month. We now find over 1.25M hostnames running on Windows 2003, a 283% increase since August.


Comparing the operating systems with those of September 03 shows the majority of the sites to have migrated from Windows 2000 (534K), but also 55K of the sites to have migrated from Linux, 56K from FreeBSD and 8K from Solaris, with 272K of the hostnames running Win2003 new sites not previously running a different operating system.

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Debian Fastest Growing Linux Distribution

Over the last six months Debian has been the fastest growing Linux distribution when measured by counting active sites which contain the name of a Linux distribution in the Apache Server header. In percentage terms Debian is closely followed by SuSE and Gentoo. RedHat has a far greater number of sites but a slower growth rate, and actually fell this month, after making widely publicized and controversial changes to its licencing and security update policy. A distribution name is present in a little over a quarter of Linux based Apache sites.

 Distribution   July 2003   January 2004   Growth Rate 

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Interview: 1&1 Internet CEO Andreas Gauger

1&1 Internet AG is the world's largest hosting company, with 3.5 million hostnames and 1.7 million active sites. On Jan. 22nd, 1&1 will officially launch its US hosting unit, having attracted tens of thousands of users with a pre-launch promotion offering three years of free hosting. 1&1 CEO Andreas Gauger recently shared his thinking on the company's US market entry and the state of the hosting industry. Gauger founded Schlund in 1995, which was bought by 1&1 in 1998. Continue reading

Sun Discontinuing Cobalt Linux Servers

Sun Microsystems is phasing out Cobalt, the line of Linux-based hosting appliances it purchased for $2 billion at the height of the Internet boom. Sun has set an end-of-life date of Feb. 19 for its last remaining Cobalt product, the RaQ 550 server, but will continue to provide support and security updates for three years. The decision to discontinue Cobalt, announced Sept. 1, presents a challenge for numerous hosting companies that filled their racks with the distinctive blue server appliances.

The number of sites on Cobalt has declined since August 2002, when it reached its peak of 3.1 million hostnames and 942K active sites. Our November hosting survey found Linux-Cobalt serving 871K hostnames and 527K active sites.

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Growth in Hostnames, IP Addresses and Web Facing Servers 1999-2003

Netcrafts latest hosting provider server count of web facing servers shows that computer growth has fallen below its long term monthly growth of 2.6% to 1.4%.

The chart below shows that since March 2001 IP address counts have not increased significantly, while computers have broadly sustained an increasing trend, other than for the Code Red and Nimda dip in 2001. This primarily reflects increased use of HTTP 1.1 virtual hosting which can share an IP address. Since the survey started in 1999, IP addresses have not quite doubled, while computer numbers have more than quadrupled. Since March 2001 computer numbers have increased 84.3%, yet IP addresses only by 7.9%.


The methodology is described in the Hosting Provider Server Count.