1. Most Reliable Hosting Providers during March

    Ranking by Failed Requests and Connection time,
    March 1st - 31st 2004


    During March, Komplex, a leading German hosting company site went through the month without any failed requests. Apart from Komplex, which runs Linux, the Top 10 places were almost evenly split between FreeBSD and Windows, with five of the top 10 hosting company sites running FreeBSD, and four on Windows.


    Posted by Mandy Davis on 4th April, 2004 in Hosting, Performance

  2. RIAA site intermittently available, now running Linux

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)'s site is now transiently available after an extended outage and now appears to be running Linux.

    Inevitably, this will lead to speculation that SCO might add the RIAA to the list of Linux using organizations currently receiving attention from its lawyers.

    Of course, the RIAA is itself well endowed with lawyers should it need to defend itself, and just yesterday announced the latest in its own series of lawsuits against Internet users it believes are improperly sharing copyrighted music files.

    RIAA site performance

    The RIAA site has been offline since March 17 in an outage that closely tracked a scheduled distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack from computers infected by the MyDoom.F virus.

    If MyDoom.F was indeed the culprit, it raises an ongoing threat for the RIAA site, as the malware is programmed to launch its DDoS between the 17th and 22nd days of every month.


    Posted by Rich Miller on 24th March, 2004 in Performance

  3. RIAA Web Site Remains Offline

    The web site of the Recording Industry Association of America remains offline in an outage now approaching five days in duration. The www.riaa.com web site was targeted for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by the MyDoom.F virus. The current outage now exceeds the RIAA site's four-day outage in July 2002, which was attributed to a DDoS.

    RIAA web site performance

    A dynamically updating graph of the sites targeted for DDoS by various MyDoom variants is available here.

    Posted by Rich Miller on 21st March, 2004 in Performance

  4. BBC investigates DDoS extortion in the UK gambling industry

    The UK's top 20 betting sites have suffered 33 separate outages since March 1, according to an analysis by the BBC which has been investigating Internet based extortion in the gambling industry. Fifteen of the 20 bookies have been offline during that time. Four of the providers - William Hill, Betdaq, Totalbet and UKBetting - have said they were either attacked or received extortion demands by criminals prior to the March 15 start of the Cheltenham Festival, a leading horse racing event is experiencing its second extended outage in less than a week. .

    TotalBet is among the betting sites that acknowledge being targeted by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in recent weeks, and was offline for nearly 36 hours on March 16-17.


    A dynamically updating graph of the top 20 UK betting sites is available here.

    Anecdotal reports are that it is imperative for sites not to pay off DDoS blackmail demands, as the capability to perform DDoS attacks is quite widespread and information on soft targets circulates rapidly amongst that community.

    Posted by Rich Miller on 20th March, 2004 in Performance

  5. www.sco.com Back Online

    The www.sco.com web site was brought back online by The SCO Group over the weekend after an extended hiatus following the MyDoom-related distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the site. The relaunched site experienced a brief outage last night, but otherwise has been available.

    www.sco.com back online

    A dynamically upgrading graph is available here.


    Posted by Rich Miller on 8th March, 2004 in Performance

  6. Most Reliable Hosting Providers during February

    Ranking by Failed Requests and Connection time,
    February 1st - 29th 2004


    During February both the Pair Networks and Seeweb sites were faultless with no failed requests at all from any of our five measurement points.


    Posted by Netcraft Admin on 1st March, 2004 in Hosting, Performance