Top Weather Sites Manage Traffic from Hurricane Charley

Leading U.S. weather web sites are managing a crush of web traffic from Internet users tracking the path of Hurricane Charley, which battered Florida Friday with winds reaching 145 miles per hour Friday, and is now making a second landfall along the East Coast in South Carolina.

Performance of Major Weather SitesThe Weather Channel web site at had some reliability problems in the moments immediately preceding Charley's landfall Friday afternoon, but soon stabilized. The network offers round-the-clock coverage of weather, and experiences its largest audiences during major hurricanes. Its web site is hosted by UUnet, a unit of MCI.

The National Hurricane Center, the U.S. government's central source for hurricane information, has been available throughout the storm. The NHC site is hosted on government servers at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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Zindos Worm Having No Visible Effect on Microsoft Site

The Zindos worm, which uses MyDoom.M-infected computers to launch a denial of service attack on, is having no visible effect thus far on the performance of Microsoft's web site. The worm is installed through backdoors on a network of machines compromised by the MyDoom.M virus, which disrupted the performance of search engines earlier this week.

Microsoft Web Site performance

Once Zindos installs itself, the host machine is programmed to commence an immediate DDoS on Microsoft, unlike earlier MyDoom variants with trigger dates for electronic attacks.

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DDoS Attack on DoubleClick Slows Many Sites

DoubleClick says its banner ad network was disrupted today by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on its domain name servers. As DoubleClick's DNS servers became unreachable, the attack had a ripple effect, leaving many of the network's 900 client sites unable to retrieve banners from DoubleClick's ad servers. The company said the attack lasted about four hours and caused "severe disruptions" for customers. Continue reading

RSS Traffic Burdens Publisher’s Servers

The popularity of RSS feeds is testing the web infrastructure of at least one publisher, which likens the impact of newsreader traffic to a denial of service (DoS) attack. experiences a "massive surge of RSS newsreader activity at the top of every hour," according to Chad Dickerson, the CTO of Infoworld. "If I didn’t know how RSS worked, I would think we were being slammed by a bunch of zombies sitting on compromised home PCs," Dickerson writes. "Our hourly RSS surge has all the characteristics of a distributed DoS attack, and although the requests are legitimate and small, the sheer number of requests in that short time period creates some aggravating scaling issues."

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UK Betting Sites Hit By Outages

Onling gambling sites Eurobet and Coral have been experiencing ongoing outages since early Monday, shortly after the completion of the Euro 2004 soccer championship and the Wimbledon tennis finals.

Online betting sites have been repeatedly targeted by extortionists employing electronic attacks, including a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at the outset of the Euro 2004 event.

Coral site performance

Netcraft is monitoring the performance of twenty leading UK Internet Gambling Sites, with dynamically updating graphs available here.