Linux Hosts Post Strongest February Growth

Linux-based hosting operations posted the strongest hostname growth in February, capturing the top three spots and seven of the top 10 in our monthly Hosting Switching Summary. Leaders Go Daddy (up 117K) and 1&1 Internet AG host the majority of their sites on Linux.

Domain registrar eNom, which recently accelerated up its push into shared hosting, was the fastest-growing Windows-based host. Yahoo was February's strongest performer among FreeBSD hosts, with a gain of 13.8K.

1&1 Internet continued to gain traction in the U.S. hosting market, which accounted for 34K of its gain of 52K hostnames for the month. The German hosting company's American unit launched its paid services on Jan. 21.

Top Hosting Providers By Growth, Jan 04 to Feb 04
Hosting Company Jan 04 Feb 04 Growth %
GoDaddy Inc 1,801,159 1,918,201 117,043 6.5% America
1&1 Internet AG 3,679,246 3,731,294 52,048 1.4% Europe
eNom 594,294 645,548 51,254 8.6% America
The Planet 152,361 191,510 39,149 25.7% America
Rackspace 449,346 480,534 31,188 6.9% America
EV1Servers 681,281 711,690 30,409 4.5% America
Deutsche Telekom 330,436 354,780 24,344 7.4% Europe
MCI 694,420 708,444 14,024 2.0% America
Yahoo 555,440 569,269 13,829 2.5% America
iPowerWeb 174,671 188,083 13,412 7.7% America

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TUCOWS Plans Branded Blogging Service for Resellers

TUCOWS is preparing to roll out a private-label service providing weblog hosting for its network of more than 5,000 resellers. As part of its expansion, TUCOWS said Friday that it had acquired BlogRolling, a service that manages "blogrolls" (link lists) for 32,000 weblog users.

The Toronto company has been developing its Blogware weblog service for a year, and began beta-testing it wirth a small group of resellers in October. Tucows hasn't released information on pricing, but resellers are currently offering Blogware for between $5 and $14 a month.

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March 2004 Web Server Survey

In the March 2004 survey we received responses from 48,038,131 sites.

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - March 2004

Top Developers
Developer February 2004Percent March 2004Percent Change

For the third month in a row, despite significant growth in absolute terms, the percentage market share of Apache and Microsoft have change by less than the 0.3% resolution of the graph, so the graphs are flat.

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Outages for RIAA, SCO Sites

The main Recording Industry Association of America web site has experienced intermittent outages since the spread of the MyDoom.F virus, which programs computers to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the site.

RIAA web site availability

The RIAA site has a history of outages related to DDoS attacks (including extended downtime inJuly 2002 and January 2003) and has frequently been defaced.

Antivirus vendor Trend Micro says it has detected more than 23,000 machines infected with MyDoom.F, a sizeable number but far less than its predecessor, MyDoom.A, which launched a DDoS that kept site offline for the first half of February.

Speaking of which, SCO's new url, was offline for several hours last night after several weeks of uneventful uptime. A dynamically updating chart of can be found here.

Phishing Attacks Rise by 50% month on month

There were 176 unique phishing attacks in January, a 52 percent increase from December, according to data from the Anti Phishing Working Group, an industry association tracking phishing and e-mail spoofing. The number of scams continued to increase throughout the month, averaging more than seven separate scams per day by the third week in January.

Nearly a third of the attacks in January used the "@" user authentication syntax to construct disguised URLs in links. A Microsoft security patch released Feb. 2 disabled that capability in the Internet Explorer browser. A smaller number - seven percent of January attacks - exploited an IE flaw that causes the browser to display an incorrect URL in its address and status bars. Continue reading