Linux encroaching further into

Ever since shortly after Sun's acquisition of Cobalt three years ago, some sites have run Linux. However, more recently, Linux is being used for Sun sites that appear unconnected with the Cobalt product range. Sun sites running on Linux include, and

The netblock listings indicate that all of these sites are outsourced by Sun, and it may be the case that the more the company outsources, the harder it is to avoid their sites running on Linux rather than Solaris.

Sustained DDoS Wobble Prominent Weblogs

A series of distributed denial of service attacks has made for a tough week for the "Blogosphere," the fast-growing community of weblogs. Many of the best-read blogs are hosted by Hosting Matters, a Jacksonville, Fla. provider that was knocked offline for a total of 15 hours in three separate attacks from Oct. 16-21.

The DDoS attacks appear to have targeted Internet Haganah, which seeks to identify web sites with terrorist links and then lobbies hosting providers to shut down the suspect sites. Internet Haganah operator Aaron Weisburd says his site was targeted by Al Qaeda sympathizers, while reps from Hosting Matters declined to identify either the target or attacker. Hosting Matters was flooded by up to 150 megabytes of data per second on Oct. 16, leaving most clients offline for much of that day and again on Oct. 20 and 21.

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Windows 2000 site runs for two years without reboot has run for two years since its last reboot, and has the longest time since reboot of any Windows 2000 site we find on the Internet.

Baltimore was an early evangelist of enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and briefly a FTSE-100 company during 2000. Although its business has considerably reduced in size, the site, which Alexa ranks in the busiest 50,000 sites on the internet, will have seen a considerable volume of traffic since it was last rebooted.

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French Ruling on Google Ads Has Implications for Web Host Marketing

Paid search ads on Google and Overture have become popular tools for web hosting providers seeking to attract customers of distressed competitors. But the practice of purchasing a trademarked term as a keyword is coming under fire both in and out of court, raising questions about the future of paid searches pegged to competitors' brands.

A French court last week fined Google France 70,000 euros (a little over $80,000) for allowing advertisers in its popular AdWords program to buy text ads tied to French phrases for "travel market" and "airflight market" which had been trademarked by two travel agencies, Luteciel and Viaticum.

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Operating system detection now reports Network Appliance Netcache

We have recently added detection of Network Appliance’s Netcache devices to and the Web Server Survey.

Netcaches are reasonably expensive devices, and internet-wide we find only around a thousand in use as reverse proxies. However, one of these devices is at GoDaddy and serves content for in the region of 1.4 million template sites and redirects for domains registered by GoDaddy.

Many of the NetApp installations are well known and prestigious sites, including Nokia, Motorola, and Sony. Apple's and the US 8th Army in Korea are also users as is The Gap, where the Netcache is itself fronted by a Redline Network Accelerator.

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