Further DDoS Attack on Rackspace?

Rackspace's site was down for around two and a half hours early this morning [BST], in what may likely have been a repeat of Tuesday's distributed denial of service attack.

The response times to our own performance collector on Rackspace's network indicate that the attack did not adversely affect response times to other machines at Rackspace.

PHP growing surprisingly strongly on Windows

Although PHP is universally thought of as implying Linux, Apache and MySQL, nearly 7% of PHP sites [when counting by ip address] run on Windows. This has doubled over the last year, and on its current growth trajectory PHP will overtake Cold Fusion as the most popular non-Microsoft scripting language used on Windows during the next year.

IP Addresses on Windows Operating System PHP-Windows.PNG

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Trail of clues pointed to Blaster B author

On Friday evening [BST] US authorities charged Jeffery Parsons with creating a variant of the Blaster worm know as “Blaster B”. Such a trail of clues pointed to Parsons that those investigating the case must have initially expected that they were dealing with a case of identity theft, but from the reports it seems that Parsons had modified and re-released the worm “because he could” giving no thought to the potential consequences for himself. Continue reading

Hosting Companies under Attack

The recent spate of distributed denial of service attacks has diversified, with some attackers apparently now targetting hosting companies.

On Tuesday rackspace.com was attacked just one day after issuing a press release launching a service to mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks, while early this morning[BST] Rackshack appeared to suffer a similar attack. Continue reading

Rackshack maxs out Houston power grid segment

Rackshack have posted to their support forums that their power consumption has hit the limit of the local Houston power grid.

Rackshack expects to have a second datacenter, also in Houston, but on a different segment of the power grid, in the first few days of September, and that [at the time of the posting] it had around 600 servers available to rent in its existing datacenter. 600 servers sounds a lot and more than the entire installed base of many hosting companies, but Rackshack is one of the market leaders in Linux/Apache dedicated servers and has been adding in the region of 1000 new Linux servers per month to its network.