June 2003 Web Server Survey

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web Server software usage on Internet connected computers. We collect and collate as many hostnames providing an http service as we can find, and systematically poll each one with an HTTP request for the server name.

In the June 2003 survey we received responses from 40,936,076 sites.

Market Share for Top Servers Across All Domains August 1995 - June 2003

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - June 2003

Top Developers

DeveloperMay 2003PercentJune 2003PercentChange

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Linux uptimes comparable with Solaris on busy sites

Comparisons of mean time between reboots on Linux and Solaris are very topical, as the two are often thrown head to head in cost benefit analysis of server platforms. It is interesting to review the uptimes of some of the internet's busier servers hosted at Sun, Google and Akamai. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is how few reboots there are on the networks, given the amount of traffic they see, though in absolute numbers the average number of days between reboots is higher at Sun than either of the two Linux based companies.

Speedera gains sites, reaches operating profitability

Speedera, which recently announced that it has reached operating profitability, has seen some impressive site gains in the last few weeks. Sites starting to use the Speedera caching service include NASA, Hewlett Packed, AMD and the India Times.

With Cable and Wireless announcing that its Global division, which includes the Digital Island business, is to be sold or closed, Speedera will be hopeful of making further gains within the next few weeks.

Recent Changes at Notable Sites

www.digital.com was recently relegated to being a CName for www.hp.com, with the consequence that requests for www.digital.com now report the site as running HP-UX, a poignant moment for the company that brought the world RSX, VMS, and Ultrix.

Similarly, Netscape, whose founding employees pioneered the web server, replaced Netscape-Enterprise with AOLServer a few months ago.

www.army.mil has recently moved to MacOS X in its first switch since 1999, when it migrated to the Apple platform in the aftermath of a successful attack on its then Microsoft based web site. Ironically, Apple has recently replaced MacOS X with Solaris for its own Knowledge Base site.

The Washington Post has become of the first big name media sites to adopt Solaris 9. It is currently deployed in a load balancing pool where approximately a quarter of requests are met by Solaris 9 machines. To date, only a handful of Sun's own sites have been switched to Solaris 9.

One site that has not changed is www.sco.com, where people continue to delight in the irony of SCO using the operating system whose deployment they are seeking to restrict.