October 2003 Web Server Survey

In the October 2003 survey we received responses from 43,700,759 sites.

Market Share for Top Servers Across All Domains August 1995 - October 2003

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - October 2003

Top Developers

DeveloperSeptember 2003PercentOctober 2003PercentChange
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Wildcard TLDs and the Web Server Survey

Since Verisign wildcarded the .com and .net Top Level Domains [TLDs], some people have become concerned that this might pollute the results of the Web Server Survey, eventually reaching the situation when 99.9% of the hostnames found are running Linux and Apache - Verisign's platform of choice for the site to which they redirect otherwise unresolved requests.

However, Verisign was not the first TLD operator to think of wildcarding their domains, and we already maintain a mechanism for preventing hostnames that resolve to the ip addresses of these wildcarding systems from being included in the survey. Continue reading

Forthcoming Events

Both Apache and Microsoft have significant events scheduled during the next few weeks. Apachecon takes place November 16-19th in Las Vegas, and features tutorials and presentations by many of the Apache core team. Meanwhile, Microsoft has arranged a series of technical seminars at locations throughout Europe during October aimed at ISPs, hosting companies, and people running large scale Microsoft-IIS deployments.

Windows Server 2003 doubles active sites since July; 5% were previously running Linux

Windows 2003 continues to increase in total hostname and active sites, with the number of active sites growing 109% to 185K since July 2003.


Largest Microsoft Windows Server 2003
hosting companies by Active sites, Sept 2003
CompanyActive Sites
  1&1 Internet6,027
  InterNed Services5,229

Myhosting.com continues to be the top hoster of active Windows Server 2003 sites, and now has over 98% of their active sites migrated to Windows 2003.

Comparing the sites which are now hosted on Windows 2003 with their operating system in January 2003 shows over 42% of these to be new sites, 49% (153K) to be upgrades from other Windows platforms (mainly Windows 2000), 5% (16.5K) to be migrations from Linux and 1% from FreeBSD (3K) and 1% from Solaris (2.5K).

Notably, the number of sites switching from Linux has proportionately kept pace since July when many commentators thought the 5% of sites switched to Windows 2003 from Linux was an aberration.

Do SSL Certificate Authorities still have a margin generating business model?

Rackshack recently started selling SSL Certificates at $25 per annum. Offering to bundle a certificate with a hosting service would be a completely conventional offer to a SSL site owner, but Rackshack is pushing the model further, by offering subsidised certificates purely as a way of bringing itself to SSL site owners' attention.

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