World's second largest vendor of Windows machines chooses NT4 for Web Site

What reason might Dell give for running on NT4?

  • When we say “Upgrade!” you must do what we say, not do what we do
  • We’re still waiting for our order to be delivered
  • It’s not broke, and we dont need to fix it.
  • We’re less of a target for attackers. There’s no kudos in hacking anything more than 5 years old.
  • We’ve been evaluating Linux, and have not yet reached a decision.
  • It’s just the front end machines. Everything else has been running Windows 2003 for months. Honest!
  • The cobblers children didnt have shoes, either.
  • That site doesnt see a lot of traffic. It just redirects to
  • If you think that running NT4 doesnt do a lot for our product advocacy, then you haven’t seen what our evil competitor runs