Recent Changes at Notable Sites is now reporting its server signature as “SunONE WebServer 6.0”. We think that this is simply part of the rebranding of the web server away from Netscape-Enterprise, rather than a new product. appears to have switched from AIX to Linux, but in fact this is a feature of it starting to use the Akamai network for its front page.

Some notable Netscape-Enterprise sites have switched to Apache based servers, including the Vatican, Kellogg’s and NASA. Kellogg’s also seem to have insourced their site back from IBM.

NASA are now running something called “NASA_Webserver/2003 (NASA) mod_jk/1.2.1-beta-1” on Novell Netware. We think that this is likely to be a locally modified Apache running behind a Novell ICS reverse proxy server. In contrast to Kellogg’s, NASA appear to have moved the site off their own network to AT&T.

Meanwhile, have made a change to their server signature to make it appear less obviously like a copy of Apache with a hand edited server header, and more like Microsoft-IIS. We speculate that forthcoming site enhancements at Walmart may include changing the name of the JServSessionId cookie.