Where did the FeaturePrice customers go?

This year has been one of turmoil for FeaturePrice customers, with prolonged outages, and commercial issues which have prompted an investigation into the company by the local state attorney’s office.

At the end of May the company’s assets were purchased by altantic.net. However, news sites have struggled to keep up with events as they have continued to unfold. Most recently the company’s DNS has been directed at Yahoo! WebHosting, and it is not clear to outsiders who might be in control of the featureprice.com domain, though it is almost certainly not atlantic.net.

Although about a dozen different companies have placed competitive advertising on google to attract Featureprice customers' attention, as far as we can tell the major beneficiaries to date have been Verio, Rackspace and Rackshack and their resellers, with around 8,000 of Featureprice’s 40,000 sites moving in the month to mid June.

Movements of Featureprice Sites mid May - mid June


The table is taken from our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis which identifies movements of sites from one hosting provider to another. The analysis is updated monthly and is available to hosting companies on a company license basis.