PHP growing surprisingly strongly on Windows

Although PHP is universally thought of as implying Linux, Apache and MySQL, nearly 7% of PHP sites [when counting by ip address] run on Windows. This has doubled over the last year, and on its current growth trajectory PHP will overtake Cold Fusion as the most popular non-Microsoft scripting language used on Windows during the next year.

IP Addresses on Windows Operating System PHP-Windows.PNG

Web site developers are less dogmatic than many analysts like to portray, and are prepared to mix development paradigms when it suits their purpose. We have previously highlighted the strong growth JSP has seen outside of the Solaris platform. Scripting languages are seeing the best growth of any class of web technologies presently as site owners seek to make their sites more sophisticated and see a good return on the development time invested.

Enterprise sites which use PHP on Windows include Nokia, Valero, Sony and Electronic Arts.

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