Featureprice - 70% of hostnames have moved

Featureprice customers suffered a prolonged unavailability of their sites during the summer.

Over the past 6 months many customers have moved to find alternative hosting services with over 69% of hostnames from May 2003 now elsewhere.

Sites Hosted At Featureprice

Companies Gaining Hostnames
From FeaturePrice July 11th to August 19th 2003
Hosting Company Net Gain From Featureprice
Atlantic.net 2,232
Verio 1,264
Rackshack.net 928
iPowerWeb 548
Rackspace 419

Over 16K hostnames moved from the Featureprice network last month, but Atlantic.net gained only 13% of these, with a many customers moving to larger well known providers such as Ipowerweb, Rackshack, Rackspace, Verio and their resellers.

The table is taken from our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis which identifies movements of sites from one hosting provider to another. The analysis is updated monthly and is available to hosting companies on a company license basis.