Fastest Growing Hosting Provider by Active Sites over last six months

Dallas based hosting company ThePlanet has, in terms of percentage growth in active sites, been the fastest growing large hosting company over the last six months.

A table of the Hosting Providers who grew the fastest over the 6 months to October 2003 is provided below. Companies are included in the filter if they started April 2003 with more than 10,000 active sites (as this removes those which grew simply through starting with a small base), and had growth of more than 50% over the period.

Fastest Growing Hosting Providers by % Increase in Active Sites
April 2003 to October 2003
Parent CompanyApr-03Oct-03% ChangeHostnames
Oct 03 15,92348,522204.73% 71,975
EV1Servers.net208,531355,932 70.69%550,808
SRS Sakura Internet Inc18,92229,66156.75%36,085
VenturesOnline Inc23,27035,70353.43%51,045

On a glance at the top of the table, one might be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that if you want to be successful in hosting, you should locate in Texas. However, 28 companies almost evenly spread between North America, Europe and the Far East grew by more than a third over the period.

During the last month our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis shows ThePlanet gaining hostnames from all its major competitors.