Windows 2000 site runs for two years without reboot has run for two years since its last reboot, and has the longest time since reboot of any Windows 2000 site we find on the Internet.

Baltimore was an early evangelist of enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and briefly a FTSE-100 company during 2000. Although its business has considerably reduced in size, the site, which Alexa ranks in the busiest 50,000 sites on the internet, will have seen a considerable volume of traffic since it was last rebooted.

The web site's reliability is enabled by "a stable power source, good physical security, a webmaster who cooperates with the networks team and a proper screening firewall," said Keith O'Byrne, a network engineer with Baltimore Technologies.

Baltimore Technologies is based in Dublin, Ireland and provides security products and services to manage user identities and access, and assure the integrity of transactions through digital signatures.