Strong Growth in Top US and European Hosting Providers

This months Hosting Provider dataset shows US and German companies to be making the largest gains over the last month, with the top ten companies evenly spread between Europe and America.

Top Hosting Providers By Growth in Hostnames, Sept 03 to October 03
Hoster Parent Sep 03 Oct 03 Growth % Growth Primary
1&1 Internet AG 3,293,408 3,443,442 150,034 4.6% Europe
GoDaddy Inc 1,373,672 1,467,264 93,592 6.8% America
IP Exchange GmbH 57,242 128,835 71,593 125.1% Europe 550,808 601,393 50,585 9.2% America
Strato AG 1,867,652 1,910,975 43,323 2.3% Europe
NTT/Verio 1,090,419 1,130,789 40,370 3.7% America
Host Europe 492,388 526,971 34,583 7.0% Europe
Yahoo! 486,868 515,306 28,438 5.8% America 71,975 96,157 24,182 33.6% America
Fasthosts 352,224 373,281 21,057 6.0% Europe

The massive 1&1 Internet AG continues to gain the largest number of hostnames (+151K), followed by GoDaddy (+93.5K), which launched a new shared hosting service in August, IP Exchange GmBH (+71.6K) and EV1Servers.Net (50.6K).

German provider IP Exchange GmBH had the largest percentage growth, growing by over 125% in this period, mainly through new sites. ThePlanet once again shows the largest percentage growth of US hosters, growing by 33.6% to 96.2K hostnames. In terms of taking sites from direct competitors, ThePlanet (gaining 6.7K hostnames from near competitors) and (gaining 5.1K) appeared the most successful.

The dataset also allows examination of movement of sites by country. For example, the dataset shows 1&1 Internet gaining 1400 hostnames in the US in the days following the announcement of their US launch. With the entrance of European hosters into the American market this will provide detailed information on the success of these operations in attracting US customers.