EV1 already top Windows Server 2003 Hosting Provider

A table of the top Windows Server 2003 Hosters is provided as an excerpt from our Hosting Provider Server Count.

Top Windows Server 2003 Hosters October 03
by Web Facing Server Count
Parent CompanyComputersActive SitesHostnames
EV1Servers 193 1,001 1,481
ServerBeach 176 1,508 3,053
1&1 Internet AG 136 7,388 17,187
Rackspace 92 606 1,617

The survey shows over 3,700 Windows Server 2003 servers already deployed worldwide in hosting environments, growing from 250 in March of this year, with some 17,000 in self hosted environments.

The largest collection of hostnames on Windows 2003 is being run by eNom, a domain registrar based in Bellevue, near Microsoft's headquarters. However, it is interesting that the dedicated providers such as EV1Servers and ServerBeach appear to have sold more Win2003 machines than companies with a big installed base of Windows 2000 servers. In particular, EV1Servers has only been offering Windows as an option since August. EV1Servers and ServerBeach are growing at such a rate that it is not inconcievable that they could maintain the lead, even as the traditional Win2000 hosting companies migrate their customers over to the new operating system.