EV1Servers Raises Prices on Domains and SSL Certificates

EV1Servers has raised its prices for domains and SSL certificates, rolling back its cut-rate pricing of third-party offerings in a bid to acquire new hosting customers.

The dedicated server provider raised its domain name prices from $5 to $6.49 per year, and increased the cost of GeoTrust QuickSSL certificates from $25 to 49.95. It also hiked the price on ChainedSSL certificates from FreeSSL, which were introduced two weeks ago at $10 but now sell for $19.95. EV1Servers' dot-com domain pricing had been the lowest among major hosting providers, a distinction now held by 1&1 Internet at $5.99 a year. EV1Servers remains one of the lowest priced providers, but the move marks an uptick after months of declining prices for domains.

Domain Name Pricing by Major Providers, Dec. 2003

EV1Servers began offering the $5 domains and $25 SSL certificates in August, and says it registered 10,000 domains and sold 1,200 SSL certificates in the first 30 days of the offer. The providers' SSL pricing had been billed as limited-time offers, while the $5 domains was introduced with no time frame on its availability.