Ventures Online Discussing A Deal

Ventures Online, which has been one of the fastest-growing hosting providers during the past six months, has signed a letter of intent to combine its business with Data393, a data center operator also based in the Denver market.

"We have signed a letter of intent to acquire certain assets of Ventures Online as part of a transaction in which Ventures Online will move into our data center," said Lee Woodward, president of Data393. "The combined companies will be one of the few web hosting companies to own its data center and be profitable with positive cash flow. We are excited about the opportunity to join with Ventures Online and continue to grow its hosting business."

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December 2003 Web Server Survey

In the December 2003 survey we received responses from 45,980,112 sites.

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - December 2003

Top Developers
Developer November 2003Percent December 2003Percent Change

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Growth continues at Go Daddy

Go Daddy gained 116K hostnames in November, more than doubling the growth of every other provider, according to our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis. German hosting giant 1&1 Internet was a distant second with a net gain of 54K hostnames, while Yahoo! was the only other provider to grow by more than 16K. That marks a slowdown from October, when the top four companies grew by at least 50K hostnames and the top 10 all gained 21K or more.

Go Daddy continued to set the pace for domain registrars, adding 151K new hostnames (compared to 61K for Network Solutions and 21K for eNom) while seeing about 40K expire. It was also a strong month for telecom hosting units, as Sprint, SBC Communications, Level 3 and Deutsche Telekom each gained more than 10K hostnames.

Top Hosting Providers By Growth, Oct 03 to Nov 03
Hosting Company Oct 03 Nov 03 Growth %
GoDaddy Inc 1,467,264 1,583,263 115,999 7.9% America
1&1 Internet AG 3,443,442 3,497,569 54,127 1.6% Europe 515,306 540,333 25,027 4.9% America
Sprint 140,691 156,614 15,923 11.3% America
SBC Communications 190,542 205,153 14,611 7.7% America
Strato AG 1,910,975 1,924,852 13,877 0.7% Europe 370,825 383,329 12,504 3.4% America
Host Europe 526,971 539,011 12,040 2.3% Europe
Hostway 321,425 332,548 11,123 3.5% America
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1&1′s US Launch Promotion Shows Gains

German hosting giant 1&1 Internet's offer of three years of free hosting helped its US unit gain 10.5K hostnames in November, with most coming through new domain registrations or migrations of hostnames parked at domain registrars.

1&1 US Hostname Gains, November 2003 This month's hosting Hosting Provider Switching dataset shows 1&1's American unit gaining 7.3K new hostnames, with another 3K-plus hostnames switching from other providers. The largest single chunk came from Go Daddy (683 hostnames), followed by EV1Servers, Network Solutions, and eNom. All are domain registrars except for EV1Servers, whose net loss to 1&1 likely represents a shift in hostnames registered by EV!Servers resellers, rather than a flight of dedicated server customers to 1&1's shared hosting accounts.

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.name Registrar Web Site Hacked

The web site for Global Name Registry, which operates the .name registry database, was back online this morning after it was hacked Saturday. "We did an update to Apache and PHP last week and someone managed to exploit a hole in one of these and replace the index file on the webserver," Global Name president Hakon Haugnes wrote in a post at the ICANN Watch web site, which was the first to report the intrusion. "No other data than the index.php were replaced, and no other data could be accessed as the webserver is physically and geographically separated from our Registry Systems. We have taken our webservers down during the weekend to further reinforce our website against similar incidents in the future." Continue reading

Growth in Hostnames, IP Addresses and Web Facing Servers 1999-2003

Netcrafts latest hosting provider server count of web facing servers shows that computer growth has fallen below its long term monthly growth of 2.6% to 1.4%.

The chart below shows that since March 2001 IP address counts have not increased significantly, while computers have broadly sustained an increasing trend, other than for the Code Red and Nimda dip in 2001. This primarily reflects increased use of HTTP 1.1 virtual hosting which can share an IP address. Since the survey started in 1999, IP addresses have not quite doubled, while computer numbers have more than quadrupled. Since March 2001 computer numbers have increased 84.3%, yet IP addresses only by 7.9%.


The methodology is described in the Hosting Provider Server Count.