Go Daddy, The Planet Continue Strong Growth

Go Daddy continued its dynamic growth in December, adding 52K hostnames, more than twice as many as the next-best performer, The Planet. The two providers drew from different customer bases, with Go Daddy's gains driven by new domain signups (adding 86K new hostnames while 33K expired) while the The Planet drew business away from other hosting companies. The Planet had a net gain of 14.6K hostnames from competitors, with substantial head-to-head gains against AT&T (6.5K hostnames), EV1Servers (866), BurstNet (540) and NetAccess (460).

Top Hosting Providers By Growth, Nov 03 to Dec 03
Hosting Company Nov 03 Dec 03 Growth %
GoDaddy Inc 1,583,263 1,635,680 52,417 3.3% America
The Planet 105,355 124,562 19,207 18.2% America
Ethernext.com 34,611 49,094 14,483 41.8% America
Cable & Wireless 756,403 767,600 11,197 1.5% America
ServInt Corp. 42,907 53,681 10,774 25.1% America
MCI 677,074 686,877 9,803 1.4% America
1&1 Internet AG 3,497,569 3,505,880 8,311 0.2% Europe
Level 3 124,488 132,772 8,284 6.7% America
Datapipe 114,605 122,805 8,200 7.2% America

EtherNext and ServInt each posted their second straight month of strong growth. Miami's Ethernext has grown to 49K this month, with more than 38K of those hostnames switching from Affinity Internet. ServInt, based in Northern Virginia, has surged from 15K in October to 53K, gaining more than 33K hostnames from Interland over the past two months. Both gains are down to one customer at each hoster moving a large number of hostnames.

Other notable trends saw the new American unit of 1&1 Internet add another 9.4K hostnames with its offer of three years of free hosting, while MCI and Cable & Wireless showed growth despite having operating units in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Meanwhile, EV1Servers had a net loss of 4.4K hostnames, its second consecutive month of decline after experiencing meteoric growth for most of 2003.

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