SCO drop from the DNS

SCO have done the public spirited thing and taken out of the DNS. This means that there will be no more http traffic travelling across the internet from the infected machines to

Plausibly, the hostmaster's plan was set the TTL to 60 seconds to give himself the flexibility of having changes propogate promptly, and then see what the http traffic was like before making a decision to remove the site from the DNS. He has now decided that he has seen enough. SCO may also have been the subject of pressure from ISPs to put a stop to the http traffic.

Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
% dig                   IN      A
% date
Sun Feb  1 19:29:50 GMT 2004

Generally, conditions on the Internet seem very acceptable at the moment, with few hosting company sites experiencing failed requests . This contrasts markedly with forecasts from Anti-virus companies and this morning's press release from SCO which reported the Internet as being overwhelmed.