Sunday morning and is still in the DNS

We had expected that SCO might take out of the DNS in the run up to the MyDoom DDoS payload in order to keep the denial of service http traffic off the Internet. So far, though, still resolves and receives http requests, though closing the connection without sending a response.

That said, the hostmaster is reserving his options, with the TTL set to just 60 seconds at time of writing.

% host has address
% dig            60      IN      A
% telnet http
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Contrastingly,'s performance is as normal. Microsoft has chosen to leave the hostname still resolving to a set of 8 ip addresses in Redmond, rather than point it at Akamai's content distribution network, with their TTL set to just under an hour.      7       IN      CNAME 7     IN      CNAME 8    IN      A 8    IN      A 8    IN      A 8    IN      A 8    IN      A 8    IN      A 8    IN      A 8    IN      A

A graph of the response times, is available while people may also subscribe to receive outage alerts on the sites.

Elsewhere, the Internet looks quite benign with presently just 10 of the fifty hosting company sites monitored by Netcraft showing failed requests during the last 24 hours, and none showing outages.