1&1 Internet and Go Daddy Continue to Top Growth Charts

Strong growth was seen at many of the top hosters this month. Leading the pack was 1&1 Internet, which gained 173K hostnames, with particularly strong growth in Europe.

1&1's new American unit added a further 19K hostnames in the run-up to the company's Jan. 22 launch of paid services in the U.S. 1&1 says it signed up more than 200K of the free "test drive" accounts, with about 24K active sites visible thus far.

Go Daddy also had strong growth as its shared hosting business gained traction, while EV1Servers returned to form after two consecutive flat months.

Top Hosting Providers By Growth, Dec 03 to Jan 04
Hosting Company Dec 03 Jan 04 Growth %
1&1 Internet AG 3,505,881 3,679,246 173,365 4.9% Europe
GoDaddy Inc 1,635,680 1,801,177 165,497 10.1% America
EV1Servers 597,630 682,197 84,567 14.2% America
Global Media 85,719 146,791 61,072 71.2% Asia
Strato AG 1,918,889 1,974,102 55,213 2.9% Europe
FASTNET Corp. 20,442 69,560 49,118 240.3% America
eNom 565,083 594,290 29,207 5.2% America
The Planet 124,493 152,369 27,876 22.4% America
Host Europe 547,618 571,607 23,989 4.4% Europe
Aruba 170,088 190,859 20,771 12.2% Europe

In just about any other month, Go Daddy's January growth of 165K hostnames would probably lead the pack. The Scottsdale, Ariz. company's hostname have traditionally been driven by its core domain registrar business. But Go Daddy has been making serious gains in shared hosting since August, when it beefed up the account features on its hosting plans and cut prices to as low as $3.95 a month. Over 56K of this month's gain in hostnames was from AT&T, making Go Daddy the largest gainer by growth from another hoster for January.

Go Daddy Active Sites, 2003-2004

EV1Servers had robust growth of 84K hostnames after declining by 4K across the previous two months. The dedicated server company's web site suggests that power issues continue to limit growth, with only about a dozen servers available to purchase at the start of February 2004. "Inventory availability has been THE hot topic for some time, particularly after our recent RHE/FreeBSD rollout," confirmed EV1Servers CEO Robert Marsh in an interview with Netcraft. EV1Servers plans to open a new data center at the beginning of March.

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