DDoS may have ended, but www.sco.com not yet back in the DNS

The www.sco.com hostname remains out of the DNS, three days after the denial of service attack connected to the MyDoom virus was scheduled to finish. Computers infected by MyDoom, which at one point estimated to be more than 400,000, were programmed to launch a DDoS on SCO’s main web site Feb. 1 and end the attack Feb. 12, this past Thursday.

However, SCO have not yet put ww.sco.com back into the DNS, perhaps indicating that varients of the virus may be continuing the attack, or perhaps simply that they perceive that the cost/benefit of the site has become unfavourable.

% host www.sco.com
Host www.sco.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

SCO took www.sco.com out of the DNS shortly after the attack began Feb. 1, and began using www.thescogroup.com as an alternate site. That URL has also experienced performance problems at first, but has been available in recent days.

A dynamically updating table of the sites affected by the MyDoom DDoS is available here.