Number of sites running Windows Server 2003 overtakes NT

The number of hostnames found by the Web Server Survey running Windows Server 2003 overtook NT4 this month. We now find over 1.25M hostnames running on Windows 2003, a 283% increase since August.


Comparing the operating systems with those of September 03 shows the majority of the sites to have migrated from Windows 2000 (534K), but also 55K of the sites to have migrated from Linux, 56K from FreeBSD and 8K from Solaris, with 272K of the hostnames running Win2003 new sites not previously running a different operating system.

Largest Microsoft Windows Server 2003
hosting companies by Active sites, Feb 2004
CompanyActive Sites
  Fasthosts 54,378 32,664
  CrystalTech 23,298
  Aruba 16,938
  1&1 Internet 15,340

Fasthosts is now the top hoster of active Windows Server 2003 sites, with 25% of its active sites now on Windows Server 2003, followed by, which is almost exclusively based on Windows Server 2003, and Crystaltech, one of the pioneers of Windows shared hosting.