Outages for RIAA, SCO Sites

The main Recording Industry Association of America web site www.riaa.com has experienced intermittent outages since the spread of the MyDoom.F virus, which programs computers to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the site.

RIAA web site availability

The RIAA site has a history of outages related to DDoS attacks (including extended downtime inJuly 2002 and January 2003) and has frequently been defaced.

Antivirus vendor Trend Micro says it has detected more than 23,000 machines infected with MyDoom.F, a sizeable number but far less than its predecessor, MyDoom.A, which launched a DDoS that kept www.sco.com site offline for the first half of February.

Speaking of which, SCO's new url, was offline for several hours last night after several weeks of uneventful uptime. A dynamically updating chart of www.thescogroup.com can be found here.