Court that will hear SCO v AutoZone lawsuit itself runs Linux

Executives at Autozone must be feeling unlucky at being the recipient of a lawsuit from SCO when there are so many other corporate Linux users that SCO could have chosen from.

However, the defence may take heart that the court in which SCO filed suit runs its own web site on Linux. Plaintiffs filing lawsuits enter copies of their legal documents in Adobe PDF format in the court's Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system, which will provide electronic updates of case information for the litigants and their lawyers. Our initial analysis indicated that this system ran on Linux, but court personnel have since indicated that CM/ECF system runs on Solaris, suggesting the initial reading was detecting content management equipment rather than the web server.

SCO's numerous press pronouncements have thus far not mentioned whether its lawyers sent the Nevada court a cease-and-desist letter prior to filing the documents, or indeed whether it plans to file suit against the court itself.