www.sco.com Back Online

The www.sco.com web site was brought back online by The SCO Group over the weekend after an extended hiatus following the MyDoom-related distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the site. The relaunched site experienced a brief outage last night, but otherwise has been available.

www.sco.com back online

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MyDoom.A programmed several hundred thousand compromised machines to launch a DDoS on www.sco.com on Feb. 1. The site was quickly taken offline, and on Feb. 2 SCO announced that it would use an alternate domain, www.thescogroup.com, as its primary web site for the duration of the event. The attack by MyDoom.A was designed to end on Feb. 12, but the www.sco.com hostname was not returned to service until Friday evening.