ASP.NET Overtakes JSP and Java Servlets

In this month's Web Server Survey the number of IP addresses with sites using ASP.NET has overtaken those using JSP and Java Servlets. The number of IP addresses found with ASP.NET has shown very strong growth in the past year with a 224% increase from 17.2K to 55.8K. JSP & Java Servlets despite being overtaken is the next fastest growing in percentage terms with a 56% increase.

In the Fortune 1000 83 companies use ASP.NET on one or more of their sites. We found Tenet Healthcare having at least 88 sites which utilise ASP.NET. Other large enterprises utilising ASP.NET include American Electric Power, J C Penny, American Express, British Telecom, Nestle and Tesco.

The figures are based on the following signatures:

  • ASP.NET - local references to ASP.NET file extensions are found on the front page of the site.
  • Java Servlets - local references to .jhtml, .jsp, .gsp file extensions, or a local url starting "/servlets".

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