Strong Growth for European Providers during May

May was a good month for European providers, who occupy three of the top four spots in our monthly roundup of the fastest-growing hosting companies. Go Daddy led all providers with a net gain of 170k hostnames, followed by 1&1 Internet, France's Gandi, and Germany's Tect AG.

Top Hosting Providers By Hostname Growth, May 04 to June 04
Hosting Company May 04 June 04 Growth %
GoDaddy Inc 2,163,143 2,333,977 170,834 7.9% Americas
1&1 Internet AG 3,858,585 3,995,363 136,778 3.5% Europe
Gandi 73,111 144,619 71,508 97.8% Europe
Tect AG 2,086,486 2,153,031 66,545 3.2% Europe
CalPop Inc. 48,298 109,996 61,698 127.7% Americas
Datasync 444,028 503,297 59,269 13.3% Americas
eNom 805,611 861,105 55,494 6.9% Americas
The Planet 292,451 346,633 54,182 18.5% Americas
EV1Servers 779,907 805,770 25,863 3.3% Americas
NTT/Verio 1,071,346 1,095,968 24,622 2.3% Americas

German hosting giant 1&1 Internet is set to exceed 4 million web sites within the next month, with most of its gains coming through new customers, as opposed to those switching from other providers. As a result, 1&1's strong entry into the U.S. market hasn't drained customers from other providers, as some American hosts had feared. During May, 1&1's unit had a net gain of 29k hostnames, of which 26k were "new" hostnames not previously found in our survey. No U.S. provider had more than 400 hostnames switch away to 1&1 last month.

At the other end of the spectrum is The Planet, which had a net gain of 54k hostnames as it continues to pull customers from competing services, including big gains from EV1Servers (7.2k), Interland (4.6k) and Net Access (4.3k). Lycos Europe (17k), Host Europe (16.7k) and Italy's Aruba (15k) also had healthy gains.

Our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis identifies movements of sites from one hosting provider to another. The analysis is updated monthly and is available on a company license basis. Country specific versions of the dataset are also available, please contact us for further details.