1&1 Launches Windows Server 2003 Marketing Push

1&1 Internet AG has launched a marketing push for its new Microsoft hosting plans, offering shared hosting accounts on Windows Server 2003 starting at $4.99 per month.

With more than 3.9 million hostnames, Germany's 1&1 is the world's largest hosting specialist. The overwhelming majority of its sites are powered by Linux, with just 88,000 of 1&1's hostnames on Windows, almost all of them in its German operation. 1&1 showed its marketing muscle with its entrance into the U.S. market earlier this year, as it has quickly gained more than 147K hostnames and 78K active sites.

Schlund.us Hostname Gains

Given that success, 1&1's Microsoft marketing campaign figures to provide additonal market momentum for Windows Server 2003, which is already receiving a substantial push from Microsoft. In the May Web Server Survey, 2.1 million hostnames were identified on Windows Server 2003, with a gain of 390K hostnames from April. Around 50 percent of these are new sites, while just under 100,000 have migrated from Linux.

1&1's cheapest Windows plan offers 500 megabytes of web space, 5 gigs of monthly transfer volume and up to 50 POP boxes for the $4.99 monthly price.