Rapid Pace of Hosting Growth Slows in June

Growth continued at major hosting companies in June, but at a more measured pace than the torrid expansion seen earlier this year. This month's Hosting Provider Switching Analysis finds the providers with the 10 largest net gains added 336k hostnames in June, compared to an average of 731k per month for the top 10 through the first five months of 2004.

That trend held true for June's largest gainer, domain registrar Go Daddy, which added 64K hostnames after five consecutive months of growth exceeding 100k hostnames. Germany's 1&1 Internet AG was next, continuing its relentless growth as it exceeded 4 million web-visible hostnames for the first time.

Top Hosting Providers By Hostname Growth, June 04 to July 04
Hosting Company May 04 June 04 Growth %
GoDaddy Inc 2,333,943 2,397,960 64,017 2.7% Americas
1&1 Internet AG 3,995,359 4,044,735 49,376 1.2% Europe
Datasync 503,295 547,153 43,858 8.7% Americas
Easynet 138,831 177,726 38,895 28.0% Europe
NTT Communications 51,441 81,916 30,475 59.2% Asia Pacific
Tect AG 2,153,032 2,182,987 29,955 1.4% Europe
The Planet 346,551 374,855 28,304 8.2% Americas
Deutsche Telekom 382,572 402,133 19,561 5.1% Europe
NewDotNet 29,939 47,944 18,005 60.1% Americas
Lasvegas.net 102,571 116,205 13,634 13.1% Americas

Among this month's gainer is New.net, which added 18k web-visible domains for a 60 percent gain from May. New.net offers domain names outside the ICANN top-level domain (TLD) system, including extensions such as .shop, .xxx, .ltd and .mp3. New.net domains aren't recognized by the centralized domain name system, but are supported by a number of large ISPs including Tiscali, Earthlink, Juno and NetZero. Those using other ISPs must download a browser plugin to visit those sites.

The dataset is updated on a monthly basis and is available on a company license basis.

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