Host Europe to Rebrand as European Hosting Consolidation Continues

The consolidation in Europe's fast-growing web hosting industry continues, with the third-largest provider, Host Europe, assuming the brand of new owner Pipex. The deal between the two British providers is the fourth major merger this year for the European hosting market.

Host Europe PLC, which was bought by Pipex in April for 31 million pounds, has changed its name to Pipex Communications Hosting Ltd. and will rebrand its web site later this month. In May, NetBenefit bought com London-based rival Easily Ltd. for 2.5 million pounds. In a pair of January deals, ViaNet.Works of Amsterdam acquired France's Amen (which hosted 111k hostnames) and Lycos Europe bought United-Domains of Munich.

Largest European HostsThe consolidation hasn't altered the dominance of hosting companies in Germany and the UK, which are home to the nine largest hosts in the EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa). Germany has twice as many hostnames as any other country in the region, driven by the success of 1&1 Internet AG and Tect AG (Strato), the two German hosting giants who continue to amass customers. 1&1 now hosts more than 4 million hostnames, while Tect has more than 2.1 million. The largest EMEA provider not based in Germany or the UK is Italy's Aruba, with 240k hostnames.

Largest European MarketsGermany remains well behind the United States, which has more than 24 million web-facing hostnames, but comfortably ahead of the United Kingdom, which has 4.6 million. Italy, the Netherlands and France are the only other European nations with 1 million or more hostnames found in our survey.

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