Dutch Hosts Pace Strong July Showing for Europeans

July was a strong month for hosting companies in the Netherlands, four of whom experienced one-month growth of 23 percent or more, as measured by our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis. New sites accounted for nearly all the growth at NXS, Leaseweb and ProServe BV, while NETHolding/Garnier Projects gained 3k hostnames from yet another Dutch provider, BIT.

New.net, which offers domain names outside the ICANN top-level domain (TLD) system, had the largest one-month improvement, as measured by percent growth in hostnames. New.net domains (which include .shop, .xxx, .ltd and .mp3) aren't recognized by the centralized domain name system, but are accessible to customers of partner ISPs or those who have downloaded software enabling New.net domains. New.net claims that 174 million Internet users worldwide are able to access sites using its domains.

Top Hosting Providers By Percentage Growth, June 04 to July 04
Hosting Company June 04 July 04 Growth %
New.net 47,944 78,878 30,934 64.5% United States
ChinaNetCom 46,515 73,800 27,285 58.7% China
NectarTech 25,372 38,176 12,804 50.5% United States
Garnier Projects, NL 10,380 15,642 5,082 49.0% Netherlands
Host Basket NV 11,757 16,169 4,412 37.5% Belgium
NXS 17,616 22,245 4,629 26.3% Netherlands
B-one.nu 11,757 16,169 8,441 25.9% Denmark
Leasweb 41,490 51,372 9,882 23.8% Netherlands
ProServe BV 40,038 49,517 9,479 23.8% Netherlands
IKP/GTS 14,848 18,283 3,415 23.0% Poland

The hosting strength in Europe extends beyond the Netherlands, as European providers accounted for seven of the 10 fastest-growing providers in July. For all but NetHolding/Garnier, the gains are overwhelmingly new sites, rather than existing sites switching from other hosts. Europe also fills seven of the top 10 spots when July growth is measured in total hostnames gained, instead of percentage growth.

The strong showing of NectarTech, which runs the RackOnline dedicated server business, was driven by a shift of 14.8k hostnames from SAVVIS (formely Cable & Wireless USA).