BlogAds Site Experiencing Outage

After days of intermittent performance problems, the BlogAds web site is experiencing an extended outage. BlogAds operates an advertising network for weblogs, and has seen a marked increase in traffic in recent months amid surging advertiser interest in blogs.

BlogAds Site Performance

BlogAds serves ads for many of the most popular weblogs, including Instapundit, Daily Kos and Although the site itself has been unavailable, ads are continuing to appear on those sites, and the outage doesn't yet appear to be creating any performance problems for client sites similar to those seen during the recent denial of service attack on the DoubleClick ad network.

In recent media reports, BlogAds founder Henry Copeland cites monthly stats of 25 million ads served on 70 blogs. Commercial interest in weblogs has been driven by political blogs, which have become favored avenues for campaigns to reach supporters and contributors. Investors are also showing interest in blogs. The blog search tool Technorati is set to announce $6.5 million in venture capital.