Alternate Registrar Continues Strong Growth continues to gain traction for its domain registration service, which operates outside the traditional ICANN domain system. added nearly 52K hostnames last month, marking its third consecutive month of strong percentage growth, as measured by our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis. The company now hosts more than 130K hostnames. domains (which include .shop, .xxx, .ltd and .mp3) aren't recognized by the centralized domain name system, but are accessible to customers of partner ISPs or those who have downloaded software enabling domains. Other domain registrars - including BulkRegister and RegisterFly - are now reselling the extensions at prices ranging from $17.99 to $20.99. claims that 180 million Internet users worldwide are able to access sites using its domains.

NR Software had the largest single percentage jump last month, gaining 57K hostnames switching from

Top Hosting Providers By Percentage Growth, July 04 to August 04
Hosting Company July 04 Aug 04 Growth %
NR Software 7,223 71,762 64,539 893.5% United States 78,878 130,853 51,975 65.9% United States
NectarTech 38,17 54,978 16,801 44.0% United States
Virtual Access 10,588 15,024 4,436 41.9% Netherlands
ChinaNetCom 73,800 104,652 30,852 41.8% China
Solution Pro 11,909 16,700 4,791 40.2% United States
Fikus Development 16,921 21,046 4,125 24.4% United States
Switchboard 12,772 15,824 3,052 23.9% United States 63,418 75,952 11,354 18.2% Canada

NR Software was one of three American software and/or systems integrators to record strong percentage growth in August, along with Solution Pro and Fikus Development. Other providers with strong percentage growth for August include Chinese service provider ChinaNetCom, and Momentous, a Canadian provider with several domain-related businesses, including three registrars and, a domain auction service.

Netcraft's Hosting Provider Switching Analysis identifies movements of sites from one hosting provider to another on a monthly basis. Netcraft compares the hosting location of each site found by the Web Server Survey as indicated by the DNS with the equivalent information for the same site in the previous month. Analysing this information presents a unique bird’s eye view of the hosting industry, identifying winners who are able to take sites from other hosting companies, and persuade people developing new sites to host those sites with them.