Paypal Site Performance Improves

The Paypal web site is showing improved performance today after several days of outages and service problems. While the Paypal site is now available, some delays in other services persist.

Paypal site performance"A few residual issues are still impacting some users," parent company eBay said in a system notice. "PayPal system-generated emails, such as payment notification emails, password recovery emails, and confirmation emails, may be delayed. We are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible."

Paypal began experiencing performance problems Friday after a redesign and code revision destabilized its site performance. Company press reps have said that while eBay's infrastructure allows site changes to be rolled back, Paypal's does not. Paypal is powered by an Apache web server on Linux, while eBay runs on Windows Server 2003.

The problems limited Paypal's ability to process payments for its parent company, the auction site eBay, as well as thousands of web sites that use Paypal to process online payments. Many members were unable to access account information or use Paypal debit cards or shipping functions.

By Tuesday night, eBay said it was making "good progress in our efforts to restore the PayPal site functionality." Wednesday's update said the site "continues to perform well, and PayPal users should be able to log in and access all site features normally. Should you experience an error when trying to log into the PayPal site or perform a PayPal activity, please try again." Paypal also encouraged members to "be patient with trading partners over the next several days. As normal trading activities resume, there may be delays as PayPal users process backlogged payments and shipments."