Netcraft Toolbar Day 1 Summary

Development of a Firefox version of the toolbar is underway, and started just before Xmas. We will make it available as soon as we can.

Filtering of some suspicious characters was too aggressive and actually blocked some urls on benign sites including Google and Amazon. We have made an update to the toolbar which will propagate during the course of today.

Thanks for all the reports of phishing sites. If you would like to evangelize the toolbar, encourage friends and relatives that you think might be vulnerable to phishing attacks to use the Toolbar, so that that maximum number of people receive the benefit of these timely reports.

If your preferred desktop operating system can’t run the Toolbar until a Firefox version is available, you can report phishing sites directly

Anandtech and Wininformant quickly published reviews of the toolbar yesterday, here and here. There was also some television coverage in the US.

Everyone here is delighted by your enthusiasm and encouragement.