Earthlink's Corporate Blog Hosted Offsite

Earthlink hosts more than 140,000 active web sites, and has been marketing its Trellix Site Builder to its customers as an ideal blogging tool. So when Earthlink decided to launch a corporate weblog to provide security tips to its customers, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase its in-house blogging capabilities. Right?

Apparently not. The Earthlink Protection Blog is hosted by Six Apart on its TypePad blog hosting service, which is in turn hosted in an Internap data center in San Jose.

Earthlink has chosen to use instead of the domain, which is currrently housed at Pair Networks, a shared hosting provider that presumably might compete with Earthlink for shared hosting customers. Both domains were registered through Pair's PairNIC registration service, even though Earthlink also sells domains.

At least Earthlink can be glad it isn't hosted at Internap's Seattle colocation facility, which houses Six Apart's LiveJournal blogging service. The Internap facility at Fisher Plaza lost all power Friday (apprently due to the failure of a UPS power backup system), which led to LiveJournal and its estimated 2.5 million bloggers offline for more than 24 hours.