Outages for Sites Hosted at The Planet

The Planet, one of America's largest web hosting providers, is experiencing outages and performance problems today. The fast-growing Dallas company hosts more than 502,000 active sites, up from 127,000 last March. The full extent of the outage is not clear, but a number of prominent sites hosted at The Planet were offline for 90 minutes or longer, and the corporate sites for ThePlanet.com and its major business units (dedicated server provider ServerMatrix.com and game hosting specialist Insomnia365) were unreachable for much of the morning. As services resume, customer sites appear to be getting priority. Among the customer sites that were offline and are now back in service are the Gawker network of weblogs:


A dynamically updating chart of The Planet.com's web site performance is available here.

The outage was caused by a faulty fuse, which triggered a cascading series of failures in power equipment in one of The Planet's Dallas data centers. The bad fuse triggered an overload that knocked out two uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, as well as equipment that distributes power throughout the data center area. "Emergency teams were notified and the power was restored within 20 minutes," The Planet said in a message to customers." The power supply remained erratic for several hours until the faulty fuse was isolated and replaced.