Papal Domains for Auction on eBay, Sedo

It didn't take long for popesquatters to try and cash in on domains related to the new pope, Benedict XVI. The domain is for sale on eBay, with a starting price listed at $100,000, and a "buy it now" price of just $250,000. The domain owner is Total Interest Ltd., a Bahamas-based domain company that grabbed the name in February.

Other variations on the papal name taken by former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger are being auctioned at Sedo, where popesquatters Chris and Linda Dunaway of Gatlinsburg, Tenn. are offering an entire portfolio of Benedictine domains, including,,, Pope and

At the other end of the spectrum, blogger Rogers Cadenhead says he has no plans to sell, which he purchased along with five other potential papal domains. Cadenhead, who has written several books on Java development, is being profiled in numerous media stories today, including items on The Washington Post, Wired and blogs Boing Boing and

"I never really registered it with the intent of making money, and I think to crassly auction it would be a sin of some kind," Cadenhead told The Post. "Whatever decision I make will be guided by the desire not to make 1.5 billion people mad at me .... including my grandmother."