Outages for LinuxWorld Web Site

The web site for LinuxWorld magazine was offline for more than two hours yesterday, the latest in a series of performance problems over the last month. While many of the outages have been brief, the sites for LinuxWorld and its parent company, tech publisher Sys-Con Media, were down for more than 12 hours on June 12.

Linux World web site performance

A dynamically updating chart of the availability of linuxworld.com is available here.

The LinuxWorld and Sys-Con sites experienced downtime in mid-May after a controversy involving articles by a Sys-Con freelancer led several senior LinuxWorld editors to resign. Sys-Con publisher Fuat Kircaali said his company's sites had been hit with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. "Our Web sites remained under constant attack for three days," Kircaali told Free Software magazine. "We lost thousands of dollars in revenues during the past three days." Some observers speculated the claimed DDoS was actually waves of visitors from Slashdot, which posted several items about the editorial resignations, whileo others believe a real DDoS attack occurred.