Performance Issues for Mozilla Web Site

The Mozilla Foundation site has been experiencing intermittent performance problems, which began early Sunday. is the home of Firefox, the free web browser which has been downloaded nearly 75 million times. Version 1.0.6 of Firefox was released last week, but it's not clear whether the update contributed to Sunday's sluggish performance for the site, which was slowed by heavy demand during the browser's launch last November. UPDATE: Mozilla reps say a software misconfiguration, rather than heavy traffic, was responsible for the site's performance problems (details here). site performance

A dynamically updating chart of the Mozilla site's performance is available here.

It has been an eventful month already for the Firefox development team, which anounced Wednesday that it would forego a 1.1 release in favor of a more comprehensive September update which will become version 1.5. Earlier this month Spread Firefox, the marketing site for the open source project, was hacked by spammers seeking to us the site as a delivery vehicle.

Meanwhile, a major security problem was discovered last week in the popular Greasemonkey extension for Firefox, which could expose a user's local files to the Internet. Users are advised to either uninstall Greasemonkey or use a version that fixes the flaw but has reduced functionality. Greasemonkey is not a Mozilla product, but an add-on created and maintained by the user community.