MacWorld Expo Site Falters During Jobs Keynote

The official web site for the MacWorld Expo was bogged down by heavy traffic today as Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Center for his annual keynote address. In a repeat of last year's keynote, the crush of surfers eager for details on the latest Apple products slowed to a crawl. The site was knocked offline Monday night, apparently from traffic chasing the latest rumors about new product unveilings. On Jan. 3 the site (which ironically is powered by Windows Server 2003) was shifted to new hosting digs at Level 3, perhaps in anticipation of heavy traffic during the annual MacWorld show.

Mac enthusiast sites adapted their sites to manage the extra traffic, as the Mac News Network went to an all-text, ad-free page as it live-blogged Jobs' speech. Site Performance

A dynamically updating performance charts are available for the site.