December 2006 Web Server Survey

In the December 2006 survey we received responses from 105,244,649 sites, an increase of 3.8 million hostnames from last month, when the survey topped 100 million sites for the first time. The increase brings the Web's total growth for 2006 to 30.9 million sites, shattering the previous one-year record gain of 17.5 million sites from 2005.

In percentage terms, the Web grew by 41.5 percent this year. That's a significant gain, but still trails the record performance from 2000, when the explosive growth of the dot-com boom took the survey from 10 million to nearly 26 million sites, a one-year increase of 160 percent.

There was a split in this month's trends for web server market share, as Apache gained ground in hostnames (+0.32 percent top 50.6 percent share) while losing share in active sites, slipping 0.84 percent to fall below 60 percent share. Apache still holds a commanding lead in both metrics.

Total Sites Across All Domains August 1995 - December 2006

Total Sites Across All Domains, August 1995 - December 2006

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - December 2006

Top Developers
DeveloperNovember 2006PercentDecember 2006PercentChange
DeveloperNovember 2006PercentDecember 2006PercentChange
Totals for Active Servers Across All Domains
June 2000 - December 2006

Sun is the sum of sites running SunONE, iPlanet-Enterprise, Netscape-Enterprise, Netscape-FastTrack, Netscape-Commerce, Netscape-Communications, Netsite-Commerce & Netsite-Communications.

Microsoft is the sum of sites running Microsoft-Internet-Information-Server, Microsoft-IIS, Microsoft-IIS-W, Microsoft-PWS-95, & Microsoft-PWS.

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