Netcraft Google Gadgets Released

UPDATE: Google have announced that iGoogle will be deprecated therefore these gadgets are no longer available for download.

Netcraft has released a collection of 3 gadgets that can be added to your personalized Google homepage.

What's that site running?

gadget-whats.png The What's That Site Running gadget gives convenient access to Netcraft's Web Server Query service, and will let you find out everything there is to know about a web site, such as where it is hosted, and what software it is running.

Netcraft News

gadget-news.png The Netcraft News gadget displays the latest news on web security, phishing and web hosting. This gadget can be configured to display the date and short article summaries.

Report a phishing site

gadget-report.png The Report a Phishing Site gadget allows you to submit suspected phishing sites to Netcraft. The gadget can remember your name and email address, so each time you stumble upon a new phishing site, all you have to do is enter the fraudulent URL and the reason for it being reported. All accepted submissions are placed into the monthly iPod contest, where the top 5 reporters will win a top-of-the-range iPod.