Hit By Downtime was offline for an hour early Wednesday as Google's popular service encountered performance problems. Blogger is one of the oldest and largest blogging services, hosting several million free blogs. Google "apologized profusely" for the service interruption.

"Blogger and Blog*Spot had an unexpected outage for an hour this morning, starting around 7AM PDT," Google reported on its Blogger status page. "As of 8AM, all but a few blogs are working properly again." The company didn't offer any additional details on the cause of the outage. The Google search engine and other services were unaffected, as the outage appears to have been isolated to Blogger and

Human Error Knocks Cisco Web Site Offline

Human error was responsible for a data center electrical overload that knocked the Cisco Systems web site offline for about three hours Wednesday afternoon, the company said last night. The outage came as Cisco released four security advisories about vulnerabilities in its networking products, and left system administrators unable to access Cisco's support resources. The company was able to alert users through, which is hosted on an another network.

"The issue occurred during preventative maintenance of one of our data centers when a human error caused an electrical overload on the systems," Cisco said in an update. "This caused and other applications to go down. Because of the severity of the overload, the redundancy measures in some of the applications and power systems were impacted as well, though the system did shut down as designed to protect the people and the equipment." The outage can be clearly seen on this performance chart for web site performance

A dynamically updating chart of the web site performance is available. Netcraft offers a web site performance monitoring service that provides similar charts, along with e-mail alerts when an outage occurs.

August 2007 Web Server Survey

In the August 2007 survey we received responses from 127,961,479 sites, an increase of 2.3 million sites from last month. Microsoft continues to increase its web server market share, adding 2.6 million sites this month as Apache loses 991K hostnames. As a result, Windows improves its market share by 1.4% to 34.2%, while Apache slips by 1.7% to 48.4%. Microsoft's recent gains raise the prospect that Windows may soon challenge Apache's leadership position.

The open source Apache has been the leading web server software since the March 1996 Netcraft Web Server Survey. In November 2005, Apache was found on 71 percent of web sites, putting it more than 50 percentage points ahead of Microsoft IIS (20.2 percent). At the time, Apache's market share advantage seemed insurmountable. But less than two years later, Microsoft has narrowed that 50 percent gap to 16.7 percent. The margin is even tighter in active sites, where Apache leads Microsoft by just 12.2 percent.

Apache's lead remains substantial in both categories. It's worth noting that Apache has lost market share to another open source server, lighttpd (1.2% of all sites), and Google (4.4%) as well as Windows. But if Microsoft continues to gain share at its current pace, it could close the gap on Apache sometime in 2008.

Total Sites Across All Domains August 1995 - August 2007

Total Sites Across All Domains, August 1995 - August 2007

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - August 2007

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$100 Million Expansion for Rackspace

Rackspace Managed Hosting will invest $100 million to transform a vacant San Antonio shopping mall into its new headquarters, and plans to add 4,000 new employees over the next five years. The plans were announced this week as part of a deal to keep Rackspace in the San Antonio area, which included a $22 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund.

Rackspace is finalizing an agreement to lease the Windsor Park Mall in Windcrest, a suburb of San Antonio. The company has called San Antonio home since it was founded by three students from Trinity College, and organized as Rackspace in 1998.

"The Governor's Texas Enterprise Fund grant was the key factor in Rackspace's decision to keep its company headquarters in San Antonio and build out a new campus within Windsor Park Mall," said Graham Weston, executive chairman of Rackspace Managed Hosting. "We look forward to San Antonio being our home for years to come."

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iWeb Technologies is Most Reliable Hosting Company In July 2007

Ranking by Failed Requests and Connection time,
July 1st - 31st 2007


iWeb Technologies Inc. is the most reliable hosting company site for July 2007, followed closely by DataPipe, Swishmail, New York Internet and INetU.

This is the third appearance atop the survey this year for iWeb Technologies Inc, a Montreal-based hosting provider that has grown through acquisition, buying eight other hosting companies since 1998. iWeb offers shared hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and domain registration. It had earnings of $637,000 on revenues of 2.3 million for the quarter that ended March 31.

Datapipe, NewYork Internet and iNetU each make regular appearances on our reliability leaderboard, and continue their strong performance this month. Swishmail, which provides business e-mail services, makes its first appearance in the top 10 this month.

Four of the 10 most most reliable hosts run their web sites on Windows, two on Linux and three on FreeBSD.

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