Extended Validation SSL Certificates 2 Years Old

Two years after their first appearance in the Netcraft SSL Survey, there are now more than 11 thousand Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates in use on the Web. Despite enjoying two years of continued growth, EV SSL certificates still only make up around 1% of all SSL certificates in use on the Internet.

Nearly all modern browsers now support EV SSL certificates by colouring all or part of the address bar in green.

EV SSL Growth - 2 Years

The proportion of EV SSL certificates rises considerably amongst the world’s busiest websites, as shown by Netcraft’s top 1 million sites dataset. In general, it seems, the more traffic an SSL site has, the more likely it is to use an EV certificate, and in particular, more than a quarter of the SSL certificates within the top 1,000 sites have extended validation.

Population SSL Certificates EV SSL Certificates EV SSL Share
All Sites 1,028,868 11,300 1.1%
Top 1,000,000 45,851 2,662 5.8%
Top 100,000 7,012 710 10.1%
Top 10,000 712 115 16.2%
Top 1,000 60 17 28.3%