F5 BIG-IP Hosts 10 Million Sites

More than 10 million websites were found running F5 BIG-IP devices, in our most recent Web Server Survey. F5's BIG-IP product family uses the TMOS platform to provide a modular approach to traffic management, and several distinct modules are available for tasks such as load balancing, SSL acceleration and fast caching.


4.26% of all websites and around 3.8% of the top million sites are now served by F5 BIG-IP devices. Facebook, Bank of America and Adobe are among the sites with the largest amount of traffic using F5 BIG-IP.

F5 BIG-IP is particularly prominent in the United Kingdom, where it is used to serve 13.8% of all websites in the country; however, it is only found on 0.42% of the web-facing computers in the UK. This exemplifies a common BIG-IP deployment, where a large number of websites can be hosted by a relatively small number of frontend devices.