Busiest Sites Hosting Provider Switching Analysis

Netcraft has developed a dataset which tracks the changes in the hosting locations of the million busiest websites. Each month we determine the busiest sites by the number of visits from users of the Netcraft Toolbar. This is then combined with detailed hosting information gathered by our Web Server Survey, and compared with the equivalent information from the previous month.

Many sites' location will be unchanged, but some will have moved from one hosting provider to another during the course of the month. Additionally, hosting companies may gain new sites that were not previously in the top million, and lose sites which are no longer present.

The dataset gives a guide to the market share of companies hosting the sites responsible for the great majority of web traffic, and is largely uninfluenced by parked domains, personal sites, shared hosting accounts or the majority of blogs.

Excerpts from March to April 2010

Hostnames Change Gained Lost
Hosting Company Mar 2010 Apr 2010 +/- % Not Ranked Competitors Not Ranked Competitors
ThePlanet.com 34,342 34,714 372 1.1% 3,087 835 2,839 711
Rackspace 21,504 21,740 236 1.1% 1,719 467 1,573 377
GoDaddy Inc 15,617 15,721 104 0.7% 1,641 362 1,522 377
Peer1 Networks Inc 8,394 8,512 118 1.4% 815 910 635 972
Layered Technologies 5,987 5,905 -82 -1.4% 524 873 566 913
iWeb Technologies Inc 4,511 4,662 151 3.3% 446 127 307 115
iomart group plc 2,675 2,771 96 3.6% 271 137 239 73

Gains from Not Ranked indicate that a site has entered in to the top million this month. Losses from Not Ranked indicate that the site is no longer in the top million.

Although the top 1000 sites are concentrated amongst the web superpowers, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and eBay, the hosting locations of the top million sites are widely fragmented, with a little over 3.25% sufficient for top spot.

Site Detail

An advantage of this dataset over the Hosting Provider Switching Analysis is the ability to analyse movement between competing hosting providers on a per-site basis. With this feature, current and previous hosting locations, netblock, operating system and server software for each site is shown.

Site Host First Seen New Rank Old Rank New Hosted By Hew Hoster Old Hosted By Old Hoster
http://www.gwebtools.com 01/11/2008 96322 99144 server4you.net Intergenia AG global-datacenter.com Softlayer Inc
http://obeus.com 01/10/2001 261523 248751 intergenia.de Intergenia AG global-datacenter.com Softlayer Inc
http://www.mmistanbul.com 01/07/2004 302629 280276 intergenia.de Intergenia AG global-datacenter.com Softlayer Inc
http://www.automotoportal.com 01/04/2006 315713 315920 intergenia.de Intergenia AG global-datacenter.com Softlayer Inc
http://www.xxproxy.com 01/05/2007 406833 395720 intergenia.de Intergenia AG global-datacenter.com Softlayer Inc
http://www.houselife.gr 01/06/2007 438654 486241 intergenia.de Intergenia AG global-datacenter.com Softlayer Inc

The dataset is presented in an Excel spreadsheet and provides a variety of different filters and selections. Using the dataset, a hosting company can identify its relative position and closest competitors in each of the top 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 tiers of site traffic, and also by country, and operating system.

Softlayer Inc – Losses & Gains April 2010

Top Losses

Softlayer Losses

Top Gains

Softlayer Gains


  • Only sites found by the Web Server Survey will be included. The number of hosts found worldwide running internet web sites by the Web Server Survey is large [over 205 million in April 2010], but is not exhaustive.
  • Attributing a site to a hosting company requires that the hoster provides a reverse DNS server for the network. In some cases where no reverse DNS server is configured, the hoster for a site will be shown as unknown.
  • Accesses by the Netcraft Toolbar user community are used to determine site traffic rating.

More Information

The dataset is updated each month and is available on a company license basis. Please contact us (sales@netcraft.com) for pricing.