iPad: New incentive for phishing site reporters

As of 1st June 2010, the Netcraft Toolbar community has helped to block over 3 million phishing attacks worldwide. We incentivise phishing reports from the Toolbar community, and have now added the iPad to our list of incentives:

Netcraft Mug(after 100 validated phishing reports)
Netcraft Polo Shirt(after 400)
Targus Laptop Backpack(after 1,000)
iPad(after 5,000)

On reaching 5,000 validated reports you become eligible for a monthly competition to incentivise large reporters.

To report phishing sites to us, please use the form at http://toolbar.netcraft.com/report_url, or forward any phishing URLs or emails you receive to scam@netcraft.com.

The Netcraft Toolbar, which is available for Firefox, serves as a giant neighbourhood watch scheme for the Internet. Members who encounter a phishing fraud can act to defend the larger community of users against the attack. Once the first recipients of a phishing mail have reported the attack URL, it is blocked for toolbar users who subsequently access the URL and widely disseminated attacks simply mean that the phishing attack will be reported and blocked sooner.

Changes to Netcraft phishing report processing:

Until recently we have rejected reports for URLs which were already blocked by the Netcraft Toolbar. We now accept reports on URLs which are already blocked if the phishing URL targets a different company to any previously accepted reports.

For example, if we receive a report of a phishing URL at http://[example-domain]/directory/paypal targeting PayPal customers and we decide to block all URLs beginning with http://[example-domain]/directory/ a subsequent report of the URL http://[example-domain-here]/directory/HSBC targeting HSBC customers will now be accepted even though access to that URL is already blocked by our Toolbar.

Each accepted report counts towards your incentives. Therefore, when you see a site with multiple phishing URLs targeting multiple companies, please report them all!