June 2010 Web Server Survey

In the June 2010 survey we received responses from 206,956,723 sites.

This month's numbers show a mixed picture with two of the five major web servers gaining hostnames in the last month and the other three recording losses.  A similar trend was recorded for active sites.

The largest increase in the number of hostnames served was for Google, which gained 3M due to increased activity at Blogger. The other web server to do better this month than last was Microsoft which served 1.8M more hostnames, 1.2M in the United States.  This was not the result of a single increase, but  significant growth at Microsoft Corp, GoDaddy Inc and VPLS Inc.

nginx was the largest overall loser of hostnames, serving 2.2M fewer than last month. 1.6M of this loss came in China as a result of drops at China Telecom, China Unicom and the Data Communications Bureau of Tianjin Province; the result of stale blogs at sohu.com, blogbus.com and hexun.com being expired from the survey.

Apache served 871k fewer hostnames worldwide and although not the largest overall loser, this figure actually masks much larger changes that occurred in individual countries.  The most significant took place in opposing directions in the United States and the United Kingdom. Apache served 2M more hostnames in the UK this month as a result of colossal growth at Real International Business Co, which saw an increase of more than 1.9M hostnames. However, all of the new hostnames attributed to them in the survey resolve to a single IP address. Meanwhile, in the US, Apache lost 3M hostnames at ThePlanet.com resulting in an overall loss of 2.5M in the country. The vast majority of these expired sites are due to Netcraft expiring stale accounts on the xorg.pl redirection service out of the survey.

Total Sites Across All Domains August 1995 - June 2010

Total Sites Across All Domains, August 1995 - March 2010

Market Share for Top Servers Across All Domains August 1995 - June 2010

Developer May 2010 Percent June 2010 Percent Change
Apache 46,608,654 55.36% 47,215,212 54.37% -0.98
Microsoft 14,977,560 17.79% 15,821,508 18.22% 0.43
Google 10,064,872 11.95% 12,282,054 14.14% 2.19
nginx 7,387,460 8.77% 6,650,907 7.66% -1.11
lighttpd 339,862 0.40% 345,251 0.40% -0.01

For more information on active servers, see Active Sites

Market Share for Top Servers Across the Million Busiest Sites September 2008 - March 2010

Developer May 2010 Percent June 2010 Percent Change
Apache 664,186 66.82% 662,169 66.61% -0.21
Microsoft 167,740 16.87% 169,418 17.04% 0.17
nginx 48,598 4.89% 49,530 4.98% 0.09
Google 19,367 1.95% 19,425 1.95% 0.01