November 2010 Web Server Survey

In the November 2010 survey we received responses from 249,461,227 sites.

Apache continues to gain market share, with an increase of 1.29 percentage points since last month. This is the result of 12.9M new Apache hostnames, mostly in the United States (8.1M) and the Netherlands (1.6M). As seen in previous months, other server vendors lost market share as a result, though all of the major vendors apart from Google actually gained hostnames this month.

nginx saw an overall increase of 927k hostnames, despite a loss of 135k at China Telecom, as the resulting loss in Asia was outweighed by large growth in both EMEA and North America. The most significant changes were 213k new hostnames at BurstNet and 207k new hostnames at ServePath, both in the United States. As a result, nginx overtakes Google in this metric, although nginx still trails in terms of active sites, where Google maintains a lead of more than 4M.

At the end of September, Microsoft announced the migration of Windows Live Spaces sites to, which will happen over the next few months. uses load-balanced hosting at Layered Technologies and Peer1 and this month both companies saw modest increases in the number of sites using nginx (60k and 48k hostnames respectively). For the moment, Windows Live Spaces sites in the domain whose blogs have been moved to remain online redirecting users to their new location. For example, still exists served by Microsoft but when accessed redirects to, which is running nginx. In contrast, blogs on their own domains will result in losses for Microsoft as the DNS can simply be updated with no need for redirection. An example of a site in this category is which switched over in the middle of October; at the time it was not clear if this change from IIS on Windows to nginx on Linux was a deliberate move by Ray Ozzie as he prepared to step down as Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, though it now appears to be part of the wider Windows Live Spaces to migration. Since is served by nginx, we expect to see a continued increase in sites using nginx as the migration takes place.

Despite the changes described above, Microsoft gained 3.1M hostnames this month, mostly in the United States. The largest increases were 942k hostnames at GoDaddy and 717k hostnames at Demand Media Inc.

Lighttpd gained 690k hostnames, making up for the large loss last month. The growth came as the result of large number of new hostnames at SAVVIS Communications in Australia.

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