French minister declares war on WikiLeaks

Éric Besson, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Digital Economy in France, has declared war on WikiLeaks (article in French here).

Besson has asked CGIET (The General Council of Industry, Energy and Technology) to stop the site being hosted in France, as this violates secret diplomatic relations and endangers the people protected by those secrets. is hosted in Sweden, but requests to this site are immediately redirected to This IP address serves all of the WikiLeaks content, which is hosted by OVH in France. WikiLeaks has been allocated a range of 16 IP addresses at OVH, but may have to switch to an alternative hosting location if government action is instigated against OVH.

If the French hosting location is taken down, WikiLeaks can make redirect to a different IP address at the drop of a hat. Even if the Swedish hosting location (where the redirection takes place) is taken down, the DNS for has a TTL of only 10 minutes, allowing the domain to be pointed elsewhere promptly, should WikiLeaks have alternative hosting prepared.